GIRIH Puzzle established in 2016 by Hamed Rahnama. His inspiration from Persian traditional architecture guides him to develop a game based on tilework. Continuously, he grew the business to beyond borders and to more products. These puzzles try to preserve the traditional art of Geometric patterns and to help people to understand and learn how to make a geometric pattern and tessellation.  


Attending different International educational exhibitions helped us to improve our Puzzles especially for younger players.


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    Helpful articles to introduce Geometric Pattern and its root in traditional architectures


    List of our books for people who like to learn about the Persian art and architectures

    Khatayi: Persian Garden

    More formats: Paperback

    Eslimi: Persian Curves

    More formats: Paperback

    Girih: Persian Patterns

    More formats: Paperback

    Ajor: Persian Bricks

    More formats: Paperback